4. July 2014 — iDTRONIC extends the portfolio of RFID Silicone Wristbands to the new fitness wristband SILICONE Fit.


The SILICONE Fit The wristband SILICONE Fit impresses with new design and a wide range of personalization options. The wristband is available in all standard colors blue, red, black, yellow and green. Like all our other RFID wristbands (Rubber, Smooth and Tag) the new wristband ... … read the whole article


17. June 2014 — iDTRONIC’s UHF Antennas M30 Serie


UHF Antennas M30   Cylindrical Antenna M30 fits perfectly for assembly lines, production logistic and conveyor belt applications. This space saving antenna can be easily and flexible mounted into any M30 connector. The powerful Cylindrical Antenna is a compact and economical solution and can achieve ... … read the whole article


17. June 2014 — iDTRONIC and the NXP Family


iDTRONIC SmartTag offers the complete product line of smart cards and smart tags based on NXP Identification products. NXP is a leading semiconductor manufacturers in the areas of identification and security. NXP MIFARE ® DESFire ® and NXP are suitable for many applications in the ... … read the whole article


30. May 2014 — NEW: Embedded UHF Module Multi Iso TTL/USB

UHF Module ISO MR bearbeitet

NEW: Embedded UHF Module Multi Iso TTL/USB   ... … read the whole article


21. May 2014 — clear design, new structure – iDTRONIC is going to present his new Website

NL Smarttag Seite Vorstellung

Dear Customer,   iDTRONIC Smart Tag created a new website with a fresher and clearer style only a few days ago.   We stay true to our iDTRONIC design. We’ve created the site more brighter, more structured and more user-friendly. The aim of the revisions ... … read the whole article


12. May 2014 — presentation from iDTRONICs “Embedded RFID Modules and Readers”


Embedded RFID Modules and Readers from iDTRONIC   iDTRONIC provides a unique platform of Embedded RFID readers and embedded modules for the use of RFID technology. With our portfolio we meet a large variety of applications like vending Machines, Desktop Readers, mobile devices, rental systems, ... … read the whole article


8. May 2014 — iDTRONICS personalization options

microchip integrated on motherboard

personalization options from iDTRONIC   Everyone is aware of them, but no one exactly knows the variety of possible personalization options. It is not “just” a print, gravure or a simple inquiry. It is so much more – It is your special design. A unicum ... … read the whole article


10. April 2014 — (Deutsch) Keyboard Emulation – jetzt auch für iDTRONIC’S USB RFID Reader


Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch. ... … read the whole article


1. April 2014 — iDTRONIC’s innovation: BLUEBOX CX UHF Controller- AVAILABLE NOW !!!


iDTRONIC’s innovation   The BLUEBOX RFID Controllers & Antennas are well suited for industrial and enterprise applications, where reliable, robust and well performing RFID Systems are needed. All components are designed as a powerful combination for an easy and cost efficient system installation.   We ... … read the whole article


20. March 2014 — RFID UHF-Metal-Tags


UHF-Metal-Tags   The use of RFID on metal requires special RFID tags. There are metal tags from iDTRONIC in several variations, different sizes and ranges. Two UHF variants we would like to introduce you today   ON-Metal-UHF -Tags: iDTRONIC ON-Metal-UHF- Tags are specifically designed for ... … read the whole article


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